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And that last bullet guides you to the essence of this online space…The Elk Mountain Well.

This is a gathering place for like-minded well-wishers, wellness-seekers, well-water bearers to join in the lush, delightful garden called LIFE.

Enjoy, dear one! And thank you for being here…at the Well…⛲️🩷✨

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Meet Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500

Michelle holds a Master of Arts in counseling psychology and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT500) with the Yoga Alliance.

She specializes in gentle, grounding yoga and meditation and offers online and in person programs, including movement and writing workshops, “Looking” Sessions with tarot and oracle cards, and private individual, group, and family Awareness-Infused Yoga and Mindful Movement classes.

Michelle paints mini-artworks used for meditation, devotion, and inspiration.

She is also a dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate and Certified dōTERRA® Essential Oil Specialist.

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Fear and Musings :: A Journey from Anxiety to Peace Through Poetry, Prayer, and Practice takes the reader on a transformative journey from anxiety, chaos, and trauma to joy, peace, and love. This journey offers poetry, prayer, and practices to help the reader develop self-awareness rituals using written words, prayerful contemplation, breath, positive intentions, and journaling.

Grab your copy of Fear and Musings on Amazon or Barnes and Noble to begin your transformation from anxiety to peace today!

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By helping individuals gracefully manage daily stressors and life adjustments through yoga, mindful movement, meditation, breath work, and essential oils, Michelle offers the practical, spiritual assistance needed to make life work, and to work through life.

“I am passionate about connecting with others and teaching them how to build physical and emotional strength, improve mental flexibility, and reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm, worry, fear, frustration, and sadness through the system of yoga. With a strong intuition, I am able to easily sense what someone is feeling in their body, when they don’t have the words to express themselves. Clients find a sense of calm, peace, physical and mental wellbeing, and the skills to manage uncomfortable symptoms, through bringing an awareness to patterns in their mind, movements, and breath.”

— Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500 - Elk Mountain Wellness, LLC, Owner

Terms of Use & Disclaimer

For all who read, listen to, and enjoy this work here, on The Elk Mountain Well Newsletter and Podcast brought to you by Elk Mountain Wellness, LLC and Michelle Crider…

The important pieces to remember…

First and foremost, if you have any health concerns or injuries, seek advice from your physician before practicing yoga and meditation, and before proceeding with the practices contained here on the The Elk Mountain Well Newsletter and Podcast.
There’s no perfection here.
There’s no right or wrong.
Go with your gut…listen to your body…trust your inner wisdom.
Never push your body or breath beyond what feels easeful, comfortable, and safe.
Practice what’s feels right each day.
Allow the magnificent system of yoga to work for you!

Elk Mountain Wellness, LLC Disclaimer & Terms of Use


Terms of Use

Need a little more background info? This is for you!

Michelle completed the Subtle® Yoga Training for Behavioral Health Professionals (200 hours), and the Subtle® Yoga Advanced Wellness Yoga Teacher Training Program (300 hours). A form of Hatha Yoga, the Subtle® Yoga approach is inspired by Viniyoga.

Michelle began her career in the mental health field in 2001 at Ridgeview Institute in Atlanta, GA, where she served in several positions including clinical assistant, clinician, and access center supervisor. Here she worked with all age ranges, from children to geriatrics, and across the mental health spectrum, from minor depressive episodes to emergency life crises. While there, Michelle worked with women struggling with disordered eating, adolescents and adults with drug and alcohol addictions, and led groups on the womens’ unit. She was promoted to supervisor of the intake/access center, one of the busiest departments of the hospital. Michelle later went on to work with multiple non profit associations, including the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association, serving as Associate Executive Director and Lobbyist, and staff to the Ethics Committee.

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Welcome to your home for inspiration! My mission is simple...to support mothers in their development of spiritual awareness and a cultivation of a deep connection to Spirit, in themselves and their children...via writing, art, yoga, prayer!


Author of Fear and Musings: A Journey from Anxiety to Peace… I’m a mama, wife, poet, artist, and yoga & meditation teacher (RYT500)...Learn More @ elkmountainwellness.com