The Elk Mountain Well by Michelle Crider
The Elk Mountain Well by Michelle Crider
Meaningful Change Doesn't Happen Until...

Meaningful Change Doesn't Happen Until...

We change our inner workings

Welcome to this week’s podcast: Meaningful Change Doesn’t Happen Until We Change Our Inner Workings - Episode 4!

In this episode we will look at making meaningful changes and how we can bring about positive transformations.

Changing our inner workings could mean

  • instilling new foundations for interacting in and with the world

  • changing patterns

  • changing habits

For example, anxiety is a pattern or habit we’ve fallen into, and likewise peace can be a pattern or habit we can fall into.

But in order to change patterns or habits, we typically need a foundation, structure, or a blueprint that can help us.

Have a listen to this episode to hear about the blueprint I created and have worked with to make meaningful changes in my life.

Then download a sample of the blueprint that’s linked for you below!

Let’s have a look at this transformation blueprint

Here is the structure I’ve used to make meaningful changes in my life.

The blueprint is modeled after the 10 guiding principles given to us from the system of yoga (similar to the 10 Commandments given to us from God).

These principles include compassion, truthfulness, abundance, balance, letting go, cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study, and surrender.

Here are the four questions I shared for the first two principles.

Feel free to use them as journal inquiries, or to make some mental notes for yourself.

You may also like to come up with your own questions to ask yourself regarding compassion and truthfulness.

Compassion (Ahimsa)

  • Where do I need to find compassion?

  • Who needs my compassion?

  • What can I do to be in service, to give to others today?

  • What do I love?

Truthfulness (Satya)

  • How do I need to start speaking my truth?

  • What do I need to share, and with whom?

  • What lies am I accepting from my past?

We contemplate these questions in order to develop the intentions we will then work with to bring about meaningful change.

And here are the intentions to go with the first two principles.


  • I am love.

  • I am loved.

  • I am kind.

  • I am grounded in compassion for myself and others.


  • I speak my truth.

  • I am honest in thought, word, and deed.

  • My voice counts.

  • The truth sets me free.

The questions and intentions listed here and on the blueprint are not exhaustive, nor are they personalized to fit with the transformations you intend to make in your life.

They are a starting point for your own work with the ten guiding principles.

They are offered here as an example, as inspiration to begin your journey to making meaningful change!

Download the Sample Blueprint!

Final thoughts…

Once more, a reminder to take with you…

When we intend something into being, we become that.

We incorporate new intentions, new patterns or habits of thought to transform what we are interested in letting go of…these ten guiding principles offer us a new pattern, a new way of living, a shot at making new, meaningful transformations in life.

What meaningful changes are you attempting to bring about in your life? How can I help?

Let’s do this work together!

Ask a question or book a consult!

And don’t forget, even if you’re just a little bit (or a lot!) curious…

Download a Sample of the Transforming Anxiety to Peace Blueprint Here!

Take care and let’s talk again next week!

xoxo Michelle

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The Elk Mountain Well by Michelle Crider
The Elk Mountain Well by Michelle Crider
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